Wednesday, June 18, 2008


And I even backed up! Aren't I good!

Elias II & III

So, after sorting out Elias didn't do that much with it for a week or so.

Then this week I though I should make a proper go of this: I even practiced a couple of times (not that it will show).

Last night, recorded a couple of guitar parts, its all just free time, no drumtracks, basically picked the second one. There is one obvious slip-up but it was the better of the two. Then I was exhausted, so went upstairs to watch the original Star Wars.

Early this afternoon, came down and recorded four or five vocal takes - probably the last one is best. Slapped on a reverb, it's nearly done but needs listening to a bit more, sorting the levels, bouncing down etc. All that fun fun stuff.

Anyway, so that's nearly done. It's good to be making some progress again. The only problem is, the next one on the list is a) not finished yet either, and b) will be really complicated - and I don't think the "band" arrangements work nearly as well as keeping things smaller. So perhaps I'll see if I can find another way around trying to fake a 10 piece band and a gospel choir in my computer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Will he come?

He calls for Elias
Will he come to save Him?

So, yeah, a whole new song written but not recorded this morning. Working title: Elias.

Inspired by the McCahon "Elias series".

I didn't do a proper recording, just worked the lyrics out last night, then had a hack this morning on the acoustic guitar (drop-D tuning) and recorded a very rough guide track just using the built-in microphone of the laptop. Sounds horrible & distorted, and the demo has lots of pure crap on it (forgetting words, chords etc) but hopefully this will mean that I don't forget the sound.

Perhaps next week, perhaps tomorrow, I'll try a recording. Can't decide with or without drums. If this is aimed at the *end* of track listing, then, well, without perhaps makes the most sense (and is easier). Also need to transition from acoustic rapid strumming to a more restrained electric style, relying on sustain.

Moon Wisperers

So we went to see the Moon Whispers at Valve last Thursday. Great time was had by all, even if we got there a bit late after going to the Rolling Stones Film. And I got a couple of pictures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Preaching IV

So, gee, the thing about blogging is that you really have to keep posting, isn't it...

Anyway: the "Preaching" song is more or less finished. It took a while: 20th May for a rough mix which I lost when ProTools crashed (yay!); and then 27th when I managed to redo all that - luckily, I'd made some notes. Less finished because. well, it still sounds like something put together in a bedroom, which is of course precisely what it is. But there are lots of things that are more or less put together in bedrooms or lofts (Black Balloons by Jeremy Taylor; anything by Pine; Moth by Matthew Bannister) that still sound great. In fact, the simpler songs that I've done that are just voice & guitar sound much better than the more complex ones. I don't know why, but I think "mixing" and "mastering" must have something to do with it.