Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Preaching III

So, feeling kind of grotty this evening, large hangover-style headache due to not drinking anything at all today, it seems.

Spent a couple of hours working on mixing Preaching Jesus --- compressor squashing up the bass so you can actaully hear it, and working out which of the four vocal takes to keep (or rather which bits of which take). Still haven't programmed in the automation though (a job for tomorrow), and hopefully I'll manage to finish the drum programming too.

And that will be enough for just a rough mix: how long would doing a really serious job take?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Preaching II

So stole a little more time this evening, added in a bit of acoustic over the closing chourses and made a rough mix of yesterday's stuff.

Basically, for every track you record, well there's lots more to do to get a final version. I've done no drum programming whatsoever on this one, for example. But at least I hope I can listen to it & think about it some more

Preaching Jesus

So, as promised, another song down - or at least the the majority of one. I'm wasted and sickly, so don't want to do the extra hours it will take today to programme the drums; record the extra guitars; mix the vocals and all the rest of the stuff. 2am is late enough on a worknight.

But I have managed to get good enough guitar takes of Preaching Jesus down - the fastest song yet at 150bpm, which was a bit of a struggle. I guess the practice must have paid off.

Given that I ended up doing various bits of work this evening, in spite of myself, I make tackle this tomorrow sometime, along with other various bits of home-based admin.