Friday, September 12, 2008


So in spite of the sentiments in the last post about being well-fed we ended up at a loose end in Wellington last night, thought about the Matterhorn but it was a two hour wait, and so on the spur of the moment rang Citron.

So yes they do do walk-ups for the 9 course Degustation menu which I'm not supposed to list here as it might spoil the surprise. And it was great. Hard to describe. French/Kiwi/ with a touch of micro-gastronomie. We arrived around 7.30 and left at 11: but it really didn't seem that long at all. I didn't think we'd eaten that much, nor drunk that much, but, well, we were both a bit under the weather this morning.

And why so many posts? Umm, because I was thinking - "I need a studio log book to log what I'm recording" and then I realised that this is it? Or because I then started reading through the back-issues and it was more interesting that I'd thought (to me at least). At least it's a record of some kind of something.

Damned if you're rich.

And yesterday, I recorded yet another song. Basic blues, crap guitar playing, kind of depressing really. Spot the lyrics?

You're damned if you're rich: you've had your comfort now.
You're damned if you're well-fed: you've gonna starve.
You're damned if you're happy: you've gonna sing the blues.
You're damned if everybody loves you: think of the idiots everybody loves.

So the catch is, this means I've now got 11 songs down, one of which doesn't really fit with all the rest (see Family Last). So another two then I have twelve, which will do for this project, and I can then get on to something else. I just have to conjure two more songs up from nowhere.

Or perhaps ten songs is enough and I can move on already?

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

So this post really should have been made last week.

On Monday 1 sept, my Brother "Nuncle" and a friend of his "Chris" came over to record a song for Chris's school production (she's a schoolteacher in Newtown). Basically I think it's a sing-along track for the "going on a bear hunt" kids story.

She recorded piano and then we put in some drums and doubled the bass notes with a garish synth --- and all of this was done in GarageBand. No Live, no ProTools, just, well, GarageBand.

I was mostly relieved that everything worked :-) Especially the MIDI from my old CS1X blue keyboard (that I only ever got to use as a controller anyway, even though it doesn't have aftertouch) through the ReMOTE-25 and then into the MAC