Saturday, October 18, 2008

PLOPGIFT08 (antidote to Nashville)

I'm in Nashville attending the PLOP 08 conference. As part of the tikanga of the conference, attendees are supposed to give gifts "that represent themselves, their work, or their companies" to other participants. My gift (once again) is a CD, this year a mix CD. I didn't have time to make covers, so here's the tracklisting, if you got one of these and would like to know what you're listing to, or if you want to make one yourself.

Up to the Sky, 4:21, The Bats remixed by Trillion, Audio Agriculture In The 21st Century
Overground, 3:22, Pine, Akira Sunrise
Bright Grey, 5:03, The Phoenix Foundation, Happy Ending
Tough Culture, 5:55, Strawpeople, World Service
She's Leaving Him, 3:14, Nothing, A Warm Gun
Passenger 26, 6:38, Don McGlashan, Warm Hand
Stars Without Makeup, 3:03, David Yetton, Blow Out Your Candles
No Ordinary Day, 3:51, Let's Planet, La Gloria
Together now, 6:06, Jeremy Taylor, Black Balloons
Hotline, 3:10, Disasteradio, Visions
It's More Fun To Compute, 3:52, Bubblyfish, 8-bit Operators: A Tribute to the Music of Kraftwerk
Nuclear Weapons Are Morally Indefensible, 6:30, Tomorrowpeople
Love Will Tear Us Apart, 4:22, bis, We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland [Greatest Hits]
Turquoise House, 3:20, Jim White, Transnormal Skiperoo<