Thursday, April 2, 2009


So this blog has been (partly) functioning as a recording diary. And after everything got stolen there wasn't much to record. Recently though we've been able to start again: notably Nuncle who is recording stuff for St Cuthberts.

Today (1 April) was actually his third session; other recordings were on 11 Feb and 11 March. He's recorded about an hour of stuff each time, generally bits and pieces for St Cuth's, but also some lovely original stuff like "Where to Run" and "How Long" which is just great.

* * *

I've also been doing some recording with Matt in Auckland not to any great effect - but this evening I also "remixed" a great U2-ish song of his called "sleep" but putting the pro-tools BOOM drum machine under it (because his version was done with Reason and I don't have Reason any more). But I think a "straighter" version will sounds better: this one is just an oddity.