Thursday, August 14, 2008

Say No! to Metal

Was in Slob Out today, bumped into Richard Mansfield.

Came up with another good name Say No to Metal (or alternatively Fear of Metal) when looking for the Mulchzoid album by David Mulcahy. They've rearranged the tables, so the Electronica section is next to the Metal section. Thus, accidentally browsing Modest Mouse, losing my place, suddenly I'm looking at Megadeath.

And, so far as I can tell, Mulchzoid's Laptop Dancer is good (and certainly has a good name, though I might have picked Mulcazoid for the band name :-). Sort of carries on from where Oddy Knocky left off, but with rather more techno, a bit of New Order in there, and a gratuitous female on the cover.

In other news, well, no posts from me from June till mid August. Got back from Paphos summer to an NZ winter, and went to ground, just trying to get through each day. Perhaps things will be better now.