Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Band Names

A list of band names or album names, some from earlier in the blog, some from elsewhere:

  • The Eiderdowns — for a cover band (unfortunately already taken)
  • The Whitecliffe poets — folk band?
  • Selective Yellow — techno?
  • The Blind Guides — blues / depressive
  • The Lilburn Quartet — scurrilous academic e-music 
  • Chain Home, Chain Home Low, Chain Home Extra Low — ?
  • Hatred of Capitalism!
  • Music for Retail
  • St Mary's Curve
  • The Analogue Delays
  • The Art of Forgetting
  • The Better Angels
  • Howlin' Mouse
  • Noisy as Fuck
  • Young people have friends
  • 8-bit Wizard
It's all too easy for me to write up a band name, and a list of tracks for the first album.  Making even a single?  A lot more effort!


Mark said...

+1 for analogue delays

James Noble said...

Cheated, edited to add "The Better Angels"

Lincoln from Dickens from Shakespeare - already taken by a country album but not yet a band

James Noble said...

Cheated, added "Howling Mouse" too...

James Noble said...

Cheated again: "Young People Have Friends" - or perhaps that's a better album name? For Howling' Mouse maybe?

James Noble said...

Album name: "Songs to Forget" :-)